Monday, June 27, 2011

up coming Play...

This is what I have been up to, these past weeks. My excuse for not writing or painting for that matter. Busy growing a beard and rotting my teeth.I have been having a blast helping out with the upcoming play" as I mentioned in my earlier blog "For Riches and Honour" written by Local Playwright/Director Beth George.Director Grant Webber. As well as helping with the props ,1700's being my favorite years. I have quite a collection of appropriate stuff to add to the pot. Then myself and Chuck helped painting the set along with others ..WOW!!!I really enjoyed that, the work ,the dedication, by the set builder Rick Gilbert. Amazing how all this hard work turns a simple stage into a 1700's Tavern, bring the the ale on. They needed Men for Crew members (extras), I volunteered in the beginning having been a man before in the past, yet another story to be told another time. Actually I found someone to take my place after the fact as an extra thinking a man would be better, more then happy to step down and continue on putting my energy into helping on the set and props, but was asked to stay on so here I am almost in full costume along with "Grog (Greg Wentzel ) who is a very active reenactor with many changes of clothing depending on what Character he is portraying at the time. And, Jake The Snake(Jake Paul), in the middle, myself ,I am Piper because I smoke a Pipe, note my teeth and also I play a pipe,I poked my eye out with me own pipe. That's me story. So all of this has been a big learning experience for me,in so, so many ways. Theatre 101,you might say.I have been dressing in costume, have done skits with old and young in the past ,and reenacting but never have I witnessed such a production come to life as this Play. Great job,by all involved.

I have two paintings on my easel right now and will not get to put paint to canvas until after the play,which is this Thursday,Friday and Saturday. June 30, July 1 ,2, at 7 PM Aster Theatre Liverpool N.S. Then to get all my stuff back here on Sunday and I will bet, it will be all Summer before I get to put everything back to where it was before. I have to get these paintings done and maybe another for an Art Show in Port Medway July 16th, a fundraiser for the restoration of the Lighthouse.The theme of the show is Lighthouses. So wish me luck at getting a brush to canvas soon.Where is Summer? Where is Spring for that matter? I did hear somewhere that July and August are to be very hot and dry. We will not forget the Weather in 2010/11. dress rehearsal tomorrow. "Break some legs" Take no Prisoner's.

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  1. Hahaha! Nobody would ever know that is my beautiful cousin under all that (shudder) makeup.
    Somebody is having way more fun than me these days.