Monday, June 6, 2011

Latest Project finished!!!

Here we have pictures of my latest two projects, The Boot Birdhouses hanging on the house, something I have been working on for sometime ,searching for and finding interesting Boots to make Homes for my Feathered Friend's, selling for $25. each .Also above is my baking Project, you have got to be kidding me :-( "Thimble Cookies" which I once upon a time could make blind folded and with one arm tied behind my back. Well, these poor excuses for cookies were to be sold to help raise money for our Local SPCA bake sale, instead they were used in our bellies with Tea and for cookies that look so bad, my goodness ,they were tasty.Now I must find the time to do a painting to donate to the SPCA to make up for my thin cookies. My excuse for these sad looking things is as follows" we are trying to eat healthy and it has been a long while since I have baked anything and must have lost my touch. That is my story and I am sticking to it. I just thought of another excuse, the same one I use when I don't want to cook, I say because of my operation, two aneurysm's in my brain in 2001, my memory regarding cooking has flown the coop ,so to speak and sometimes I just come up with a blank when standing in front of a stove. Poor Chuck ,ha so many ways living with me, his hip is still bad and he has been taking it easy, well this past weekend it was so nice and I wanted to open up the doors and play music but he was not up for it, so I was banished to the deck and then into my birdhouse, by myself to march to the beat of my own drum. Maybe I am becoming a crazy old Lady, what is it they say? if the shoe fits ,wear it? Speaking of shoe and wearing it, today at our Local Frenchy's 2nd hand shop I found a brand new pair of woman's Converse "Chuck Taylor " sneakers, and they fit!!! We have for years joked about owning "Chuck Taylor's" the fact I am married to "Chuck Taylor" so now I have a pair,I was considering selling them but believe for what I may get for them,I might as well enjoy wearing them.

I need to run off and get some work done, I have a commission but no rush on it yet, although as I always say, get it done and out of the way. I am considering doing an Art Show I was approached to do, I say considering because I have a full plate these days and it seems to be getting to over flow and our Veg. Garden is no wheres ready for planting, so much to do ,I may have to stay up later and work into the evenings, not like the Winter Months when TV was so boring, and bed called our names early,Summer we can enjoy cool evenings and get stuff done, so I say :-) Oh one last thing before I leave ,this past weekend, I had folk's drop in from Australia , how nice ,I have pretty well had People from all over the Globe drop by since we have been here 4 years ,but these were my first "Aussie's". They signed my Guest Book and wrote" We had to see Liverpool" I told them I was going to mention if you Folk's read this, I wish you a wonderful visit on our Shores may you enjoy great times and have Memories so special that you one day will return. Look me up, God willing ,I will be here. Which reminds me of some of the Lovely People I met other years. Thinking of you all.

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