Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here and Busy

Chris and Margo May 2011..

Wow!!! take time and write something my head tells me, I need a lap top so I can type where ever I am instead of tethered in my closet computer room. It is a cozy spot in Winter and somewhat a cramped spot in fine weather. I have been dodging rain ,trying to work outside ,the house needs scraped and painted but we need at least 4 dry days before we tackle that job and I would rather not scrap and have it look so shabby while I wait on the dry weather.

So in between everyday work I have offered to help my friend gather props for an upcoming play during Privateer Days,"For Riches and Honor" here in Liverpool June 30 and July 1,2 .I just happen to have most of what was needed in props, having already played the real part as "Sutler's" in the Kings Orange Rangers in the past, we ,over the years have had so much fun dressing up so I hopped on board and offered my person as well as one of the back ground Men in the Tavern.. :-) we have been making cheese wheels ,daggers, Sexton etc. props and are having fun creating something other then product to sell. I supplied our Local gift shop with what I had ready for the consignment Season. My Home Gallery is somewhat empty, of smaller product.

I have a few bigger Boat piece paintings here at home and any canvases I have ,not wanting to put any canvas paintings hanging so close to the open Ocean at Fort Point, so anyone interested in dropping by my home Gallery just let me know, debchuck@eastlink.ca my hope this Summer is to get out more painting on site or away enjoying the great outdoors taking photos for Winter work. It has been a couple years since I have updated my painting photos and have new budding ideas floating around in my head, plans in the making.So if you drop by and I am not here I will leave a pad and pen, drop me a line and come by again if you can.

Our Dear friends from Vermont are on their way this Thurs. William and Patricia Long- Hays...The artists Loft Liverpool ..check him out if around this Summer .I always look forward to seeing them, Summer then has begun, once they land in Town, and other friend's are soon to arrive to their little pieces of Heaven here on and around our shores, I assume you all out there know just how wonderful our White Sand Beaches are? If not, by all means ,do yourselves a favor and come on by and take your shoes off and stroll along our fine sands. Today I had a new friend from last Summer drop by, I love how and when that happens, she came by last year by chance and ended up commissioning me to do a painting for her to give to her Husband, from our talking ,come to find out we are almost related in a way by the fact her Aunt by Marriage was a part of my life from a very small Child. A small World indeed, a very small World, we live in. The pictures here are of our friend's who ride and enjoy their Harley Motor Cycles, they dropped by for a spell the other evening ,while out riding in great weather which has finally come our way.

Something new for Liverpool area this Summer ,our friend Heather Kelly has a Fish and chip truck called "Chippy Chippy Bang Bang " English Chip wagon and even though I have not yet had my order,I have heard nothing but good about her new Adventure ,she offers a good Menu and good prices. I will be taking the camera with me when we visit her and will share pictures . Good Luck Heather on your new endeavors.

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