Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It is a beautiful Day ,when,I make a mess!!

I woke this AM early as usual ,the Sun coming in the window, knowing that is was going to be a dry ,great Day. Yesterday I started an oil painting, one of a couple I would like to finish for the Port Medway show July 16 th, It's theme is Lighthouses, and we do have a few of them here in the Maritimes. Here is the start of my first. Far from done and with all that has been going on here today, read below, I can only hope to be tied to my Easel for a couple days to maybe keep me out of trouble. You know how sometimes you just have one of those days? Well, today was one of those days.

Now, to me and my day, as I was saying I woke all excited about the weather, and the work which still needs done outside. the other day we scraped and painted one side of the house and today we worked on the other side inside the fence along our lovely deck which was built with the best of treated lumber and only four years old, have I mentioned in the past ,how we Love our little home and have great pride in keeping it looking just so, well long story short , we now will have a sun flower painted on our somewhat new deck, I ,bad me was walking by the table with the gallon of enamel paint on it, I was carrying a chair moving it off the deck to make room to work,well yes I bet you have already read between these simple lines, as I quickly picked up the can which was half empty by this time on the floor of the deck, just seconds down. I then rushed to the shop to see what I could find to scoop as much up as I could , I knew right away that i would have to do something creative to incorporate this little problem into the look of my "La Boo Hoo , beautiful deck". So I grabbed a large crack filling pallet knife and scooped the paint as carefully as I could down the deck cracks and then took a brush and tried to make an outline of a flower and when it dries ,which could be a couple days I will have to try and make it look like a flower with other colors added but white... would think that would have been enough for one day, right? nope, not so, my hands of course were very sticky from cleaning up this enamel paint mess , so I cleaned them and was washing in the kitchen sink with the water running ,after shutting the water off I could still hear water running, well Chuck has been twice now back to Home Hardware for plumbing parts because we have a bad leak, it looks like something may have bumped into the under sink plumbing and broke something, me not being a Plumber and staying away from Mr. Fix it for the next hour or so, I believe it is a broken pipe. So!!!!! I am not really a superstitious Person ,I say really because , counting the thin cookies the other day, today's little events makes three!!! Did I mention that I am married to a wonderful!!! Man? well I am, although, I saw him hanging on the edge at one point under the Kitchen sink, now he had to run to H.H again for something else, so I will hide here in my computer closet and if ye all never see me again? It has been nice and look for me in the back yard somewhere, because that would mean number three is yet to hit, but ,no!!! I will be positive and for see a beautiful unique painted flower on my deck, gee, maybe I might have to paint more? Funny you know I took a picture of my little accident and tried to find it to upload to show you and be darned , I couldn't find it, so I guess you will have to wait to see the finished flower. It looks like we may have showers again soon, so I will plant my butt at my easel and work on this painting above again and hopefully get another done soon as well. I will go easy on myself regarding my little spill, although I would kick myself in the a** if I could.

"Murphy's Law" be prepared!!! always!!!make Lemon aid when given a Lemon :-)

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