Thursday, May 21, 2009

getting ready for the season

well it is Thursday..Wow!! what a week. A dear friend passed away,does knock one off one's pins ,so to speak, yet work needs to get done so i am burning it at both ends today. This Summer my plan is to be in downtown Liverpool demonstrating and selling, spending wonderful moments with old friends and making new, and of course selling to whom ever wants to buy. So today I have prepared many painting surfaces , unlike canvas work needs done before I can even think of painting . One piece in particular I am preparing is a great found piece of river boat with the oar lock still attached , pieces like this are hard to find and very unique and special, I will attach photos as I work on this painting for you to look at, which I do have a plan for already, you will have to come back to see what it is at a later date.

I have been needle felting many dogs in the past weeks and have a plan to do a scene with a dog walker and a few little doggy friends . Today after I get my outside work done I hope to start needle felted cats, again I will attach photos when I have some.

Already I have been commissioned to do favorite pets for folks ,so keep this in mind ,or maybe their is one in the litter that reminds you of a beloved past pet.

one commission I finished recently was of a couple on vacation , attached photo.

so off I go, break time is over.

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