Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An early pig story

I told you last about the pigs that escaped and me getting them back into the barn when we lived in Charleston, now I have another pig story from way in the beginning of our relationship together.
We were living in Feltzen South sleeping many nights on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in a crack in a rock, read back for that story.
Chuck had done some farming before I met him with his ex father in law " Grampy Eddie" who was a pig farmer in New Brunswick.
While in Feltzen South we met an older Gent Mellie Mosher who lived at the end of our road, Mellie had a small farm as well he worked on the Riverport Docks emptying fish from the inshore boats with a very sharp fish fork, one day while working Mellie accidentally stuck the fish fork in his foot right through his rubber boot. It was a busy time for Mellie it was haying season, so we came to the rescue and we made his hay for him that year. He had also a pig to be culled and Chuck spoke up with his knowledge from Grampy Eddie and said we could help with that. Now I am a bit of a Tom Boy and spent many years of my childhood on a farm on the Eastern Shore (Marie Joseph) with many Animals but never did I ever witness let alone help with the culling of an Animal, but as the old saying goes "you gotta do whats ya gotta do" so off we went to Mellie's to help with this task. Now Mellie lived with his sister and my goodness to sit at her table for a mug up after a long day on the farm was a joy, she cooked up a storm, biscuits ,pies ,cakes you name it....I though got stuck out working with the men and this pig so we got to work, boiling water to dip the carcass to remove the hair,getting things in order.
Mellie shot the pig, Chuck being the youngest man offered to go in and drag the pig out, he started in when all of a sudden the pig got up on it's feet and went after Chuck . The pig forced Chuck up against the Pig pen ,then got it's tusk under Chucks foot and flung him up over the Pig pen fence and he landed on his back in Pig Shit!!! we carefully helped Chuck up and peeled his coveralls off, we were laughing so hard we could barley contain ourselves, Mellie looked at Chuck and said" Now Sonny how can you laugh?"Chuck's answer was, "Shit happens"
We got a huge pork roast from that pig and Chuck very much enjoyed it. His coveralls were thrown on top of an out building to get rained on and were never worn again.
We also were good friends back then with another Gent many actually but this mans name was Bill and he did a bit of inshore fishing, I played the Auto harp and so did Bill, he use to play his Auto harp with his Budgie Bird sitting on top of his head . Bill played his harp with a wooden match stick and to this day my Auto harp is still missing a string that broke from under Bills match stick.
Chuck and I were inshore fishing those days in Feltzen South and one early four AM morning we were to go out fishing , Chuck woke that morning not feeling well, so not to miss a days fishing I went out with Bill, what an interesting day that turned out to be. Bill showed me all his favorite fishing spots on the other side of Cross Island, the beauty of the ocean on a fine day out in a small but comfortable boat, the ocean water like black glass, big Cod fish to be caught and fun stories from Bill to be told. We caught a lot of fish that day and on the way back into the Feltzen South wharf I was in the back of the boat cleaning my fish with the Sea Gulls flying above and diving into the water for the fish guts ,thinking I was doing a good job of cleaning my fish when I hear bill say,"can you drive this boat ", "I said yes ,why"? he insisted I was making a mess of cleaning my fish and insisted on doing it for me, so I took the wheel and was coming in from Cross Island when I see ahead of me a Large Lobster Boat coming our way, why of course I knew to slow down and let the bigger boat go by, but Bill not knowing this came flying to the wheel afraid that I was going to try and out run this huge boat, poor Bill I often wonder over the years if he ever told the story about the day he took the young so called hippy chick out fishing. I had a great time and learned a lot from Dear old Bill, Thank you Bill.
another Feltzen story,
So we lived or I should say squatted in this old abounded house on the ocean, we had no electricity or running water ." Shogun " a six week special was to be on TV and we wanted to watch it, so we borrowed a small battery operated six inch. screen TV from a friend, it ran off a car battery which we would charge by carrying it in a milk box down the road to a friend's house in exchange for charging our battery and taking showers we would baby sit their two wonderful little girl's Angie and Vanessa .Back then our place was the favorite hangout of our many Lunenburg crazy Friend's , kind of wonder why, but I guess our friend's enjoyed the simple life during their visits where as we enjoyed their homes useing their showers and flush toilets while visiting them. Well a gang showed up one night during "Shogun " we were determined not to miss it so invited them all to join us in front of this very tiny again six inch TV,oh did I mention? no I didn't , there were twelve of our friend's there that night. So here we all were sitting around the kitchen, drinking up a storm and watching Shogun, well one of us realized how funny it must have looked because here we had fourteen pair of eyes staring at the same small screen,it is a wonder the TV didn't blowup that night, from the mass of stares.

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  1. Deb, this blog is wonderful! I'd forgotten about the mouse in the milk!