Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting ready for the Season

Things have been getting busy with the arrival of good Summer resident friends and shops opening up for the Season.

Making last minute product , readying for the selling season when I find I end up doing more talking and laughing then creating, I must say I look forward to this time and try to make the best of it by always working on little projects while meeting people and saving the more involved creating for rainy days when we are all held up inside .

We finished our Pergola, made from recycled corners of a store bought cloth Pergola and our hard labor, Thank you Chuck for every night as soon as he got home from work he would work at it, as they say hard work pays off, we now can lounge in a shaded area while enjoying our wonderful garden.

I have just finished a needle felted dog commission for a friend , The felted animals ,dogs right now being my fav ,has actually taken over my life, working on the differant breeds and some heinz 57's ,enjoying the response I get from Folk's who see their favorite pet in one of them. Cats are next, I have done a couple cats and am about to do more , so much fun with the Critter's.

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