Monday, November 23, 2009

a busy summer

Goodness ,it has been a long ,busy Summer and Autumn. My original plan was to spend the Summer meeting people on our beautiful Liverpool waterfront but with the Spring rains I decided to change my plans and stay closer to home, dry and easier for me, less work. So I opened the Gallery in hopes folks would find me and they did. I met so many wonderful new friends ,costumers (Bonnie , know who you are...lovely young couple "Artists" Thank you ..we will stay in touch. All ,who passed through my door ..Thank you , come again.

I have had painting commissions and have been painting up a storm but this needle felting has taken over me and I am needle felting these days as much as putting brush to canvas.

The Gallery is ready for the Christmas season, drop by..check out our humorous tree we added to the Gallery with the thought of keeping it up for atmosphere year round, a Palm Tree, yes a Palm Tree ,artificial of course, what warmth it gives on a cold damp day, so come visit my Island Paradise, see above photo.

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