Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it has been busy...considering I make a lot of my gifts that go out, fun though ,with thought as to what people might like.
All my commissions are done and I think everyone is about ready and now I will start to bake, oh what fun,sampling all... :-0
We have been dog sitting while friend's are flying all over visiting family from away. It could be easier but I am the top dog or at least make them believe I am.
The weather here could be whiter and Chuck promised to make a Snowman with me as soon as we get some snow. I can't wait, some small things still amuse some people.
We so miss our Summer resident friend's ..you know who you are, we wish you were closer so we could tip a glass of cheer with you ,so consider us with you in spirit.
After Christmas my plan is to buckle down and do a lot of work, painting as well as needle felting.
I have many exciting ideas in mind for next year.
this is all for right now. Merry Christmas all.

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