Friday, July 6, 2012

Privateer Days and Canada Day weekend!!!!

Wow!! the older I get the harder it is to do what I love to do ,even though we make sure we get our sleep . It still takes me days to get over having so much fun and dressing up . Seeing again People we don't see all year long to again greet them with a smile, handshake or big hug as we meet again year after year on our fine Town Streets during our fun times during Privateer Days/Canada Day. Again this year all was wonderful and hats off as usual to those who work so hard at getting things in line for a great weekend. If only I were a tad younger and could help more, but not the case, so I will continue doing what comes natural to me and that is just what you see in this photo and as always the Man who Loves me( the poor dear at times) he always as you can also see here stands by me and rides the wave with me. Thank you Chuck!!! So here we have Chuck offering his silhoeette for a Little Girl to trace on Friday when we were doing sidewalk chalk with the wee ones. The photo of me was taken by a Friend while I was tending our Basket Maker Friends baskets while he was away for a bit. His name is Cyril Mooers and his baskets are wonderful!! Anyone interested in a basket from Cyril can email me and I will be happy to direct you to him. On Saturday we set up and sold and Sunday the same but with an outdoor Church service in the morning in Pine Grove Park, which is a beautiful hike through the woods to the Mersey River, if in the area I would suggest you partake of it's splender. Well, Chuck and I were to be Pirates and steal the collection plate and then be arrested by our King's Orange Rangers. We kept to ourselves in the back ground as if we were just attending a lovely Church service with the rest of the Dear folk's. After the collection and Thanks was given I was to hold all at bay with my two big fake guns whilst Chuck was to steal the coin, well never leave a big job to two old Pirates because instead of stealing the collection plate he stole the Eucharist, yup, he did. OK, never have I said we were the brightest, but by golly we try . We and a few other's are still laughing about this. But not to worry we were stopped by our Ranger's and the bread was returned. All was well in the funny end. The weather over this glorious weekend could be no better, yes hot ,very hot but considering the storms and rain showers with thunder and lightening we have been having as of late , we have nothing to complain about.
I have started some new classes with Summer Art Students and they are so incredibly enthusiastic young People. We are having fun and I hope to continue inspiring them. I look forward to watching these talented young People grow into fine young adults and I can only wish to leave them with good memories and confidence . My motto is always there is no wrong and everything we create no matter how small is our Art. Never say never, never be afraid and never say "I can't do that" you can do anything you put your mind to.
I am dragging my simple sewing machine out of the closet and will be making my Basket maker friend a couple of new Reenactment shirts in the next few days and thought I would make myself a new circa 17th century dress ,why not? Sewing for a bit instead of needle felting and painting is a change and what is it they say? "A change is as good as a rest" The shirts won't take so long, but the dress will, so I will take you with me on that journey as it begins and finishes.
Enjoy your Summer to all out there. Make hay while the sun is shining!!!

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