Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Killing time on a rainy day,

I have nothing new in the line of product to share with you  since Leonardo De Mousie. Not that I haven't been busy ,I have been dashing to shady areas on these hot days. Finding appropriate work during the hottest hours. Finishing up some sewing for a friend and today waiting on my first of the week Art Students. So ,I decided to write a tad and kill some time. Speaking of writing, I sat the other day and wrote some more on my next Children's book. I won't get into what it is about right now, but let me tell you that I can see most of the art work in my head and when this happens it all begins. I smile to myself . Almost like a cartoon moving in my mind I see this one particular painting over and over again and it just may be the cover painting. All I can tell you right now is that it is about a very dear ,sweet mouse.
    I have been writing my story on my new used lap top and was going along in the early Spring with such enthusiasm when all of a sudden I lost everything I had written. I somehow ended up deleting it all. Why of course I know and remember my story but sometimes the words or the way it was first written may never return in the same way it was first time. So I was thrown off my so called pins for a bit but feel I have returned and am happy with these latest writings. Hopefully it, my next book will be received as well as my first "Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy" I was told just this morning by a friend of how her little Granddaughter who has just turned 1 year old enjoys being read my book and how she gets excited looking at my art work, which so inspires me to do even better next time.
Since I have been volunteering with the school reading program and working with younger Children I have been reawakened to Children's books and how to keep young Children focused and interested in books.
  So hear I sit at the computer on this lovely much needed rainy day, listening to far off thunder. Hearing the grass and gardens  grow after so many overly dry hot days.The farmers are breathing a sigh today, Thank you to the heavens.
  So looking at the clock, I want to share with you one last thought . I received an email this morning saying that my only 4 yr. Art student would not be able to make it to class today . So I emailed back and of course said that's OK I will see her next time. Then I received another email later saying that there again was a change in plans because when she woke this moring her first words were "This is the day I go to Debbie Doodles" So, she will be here today after all. That's my girl, I am Happy she is having a good time and can only again as I have said so many times in the past"inspire them" the World is theirs.

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