Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Thank you Santa"

 This is the title for this Needle felted Santa which  I have been working on this past week was a commission that is headed to Ontario to be added to an extensive Santa collection. Its great to know where they ,the things I make go and even nicer when I have return costumers who enjoy my work as much as I do.   
Another hot day out there and I believe we are headed to sand and surf, to sit at the ocean edge with our feet in the cool water. Maybe I will attempt to get totally wet, I will see once there. To think when we were kids taking swimming lessons in the cold water at Fort Point, there was no excuse ,we had to take our lessons and I don't recall complaining about the water temperatures. And swimming in the Mersey River with eels and other stuff at that time,some of you out there will know exactly what I am referring to. Also swimming at ten Mile lake ,with the blood suckers. A week or so ago on one of those terribly hot days I ventured up to the trestle trail where we swam as youngsters and was going to jump in but only made it as far up as my knees, I couldn't bring myself to head out any deeper, only because I am older and will admit I like a pool where I can see the bottom. Oh this getting older can hold one back from having so much fun at times. I have become a wimp!!
So off I go to ready for a day and hopefully will get cooled off .

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