Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leonardo D'Mousie (needle felting)

Introducing Leonardo D' Mousie...
My latest needle felting.
 I Love needle Felting!!!this guy cracks me up.He stands on an Antique Oak board which I painted to look like slate stone flooring. His easel holds his painting of a sailing ship while he glances your way for approval. He is 100% pure wool with one wire up one leg for standing.
It has been so hot that the past few days besides an early bike ride mornings I have been sitting in the shade of our pergola and working on Leonardo and as always am amazed with the end result. Like a lot of things in the beginning you would never guess that the finished product is anywhere in there. Like woodcarving ,working with wool is somewhat similar but instead of removing to find the character inside you add wool and sculpt  like you would working with clay but with only a barbed needle poking the wool adding character as you work along. Same with my needle felted dogs, they look like nothing and then all of a sudden there they are. I Love what I do and hope that people feel the Love in the finished product.
I look forward to introducing him to my Students this week. They get a big charge out of the feltings, as I do.
 Today I was going to head to Lunenburg Festival of Crafts with a friend but after getting out of the shower and starting to ready for a day away, I find that yet again today my belly is upset. ?? beats me what I have if anything, but I have decided to stay put and feel better. YUK!!!!! Maybe it has been this heat!!! of late.

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