Sunday, September 30, 2012

my latest finished Needle Feltings

There really isn't much I can say about these two needle feltings but that "I love what I do" meet "Rrelaxing with Friend's and "Market Day" although I say this ,actually there is a lot I could say about what I do.

Needle felting in the beginning can or could be discouraging ,I now know what to expect, your poking along and see nothing and then behold it all comes together, like any sculpture as it turns into what it is meant to be all of a sudden you see it. The character comes out from a simple hand full of raw wool. If I had a video camera I would share with you how the magic happens,but sadly I do not.I am finishing up another character that I started just the other day after leaving the Astor Theatre from helping to paint the set for the next upcoming play "Boe Boe" which should be just as wonderful as all of the plays that come from that great stage and building.
Back to needle felting, I am always on the look out for interesting props for my future feltings. This bike turned out to be a great prop and I have had some other fantastic props in the past and have a few here to be done before this Christmas season. I do commissions  of your favorite pets or persons as well hand painted cushion floor mats, so if anyone has an idea for a special gift this Santa season ,don't wait to long, I would be happy to consider making that special gift for you . I have some needle felted dogs on hand and am working on Needle felted hanging Santa's and Snowmen as well.
Never idle hands here, when I am so lucky to create in  mediums I love, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't wake in the morning without a plan to work on something I enjoy doing. Then again when it comes time to shingle our barn roof, I then will have to tell myself to look forward to a day or so of that wonderful work ahead of us, I am trying to convince myself to look forward to a finished weather proof roof :-).
Stay tuned for more photos in the next few days.

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