Saturday, April 14, 2012

Budding Artist's,

Meet my new friend's budding student young Artist's who are on their way if not already there at being just that. We Adults find ourselves held back with misgivings not believing in ourselves and what we can do, we forget, for here in these photos you find enthusiasm and excitement at getting the job done and having no stress with the thought of just trying. Doing it their way,why is that not why we refer to our work as "one of a kind"? Of course we do, it is our creation and there usually is someone out there who gets what we are trying to say with our art. Why that is what it's all about. I have the past couple of weeks been working with two young Ladies age 5 and 8 as well as these two talented young men, helping them bring out what is in their hearts, to share with family friend's and the World. There is no doubt in my mind that this is just a beginning of many art projects in the future from them all. As I mentioned in my earlier blog installment about worrying about future generation's ,they will do just fine, if we all and I mean all do our part at keeping this World on the right track for those who come after us. For after not having young people in my home in the past few years,listening and learning from them, being around these bright young minds all the time ,I, in these past couple of weeks working closely with these Children see some very informed bright young people coming up in the ranks and because of these bright young minds I see much light ahead for the World. I laughed and said to Chuck, they are smarter then we were back when we were their ages, then again they have to be, so maybe the Internet hasn't destroyed their minds totally. All within reason. Here in these two shots you see the boy's deep in thought ,choosing their paint colors and below their finished paintings ready to be matted and framed . We are all excited about the beginning of our next weeks paintings. The girl's will be doing something all together different next week, I hope to share that with you in the following weeks.And Below, two wonderful!!!paintings and two very proud ,deserving young Men!!
Great job, Guy's!!!

This morning I am inside working waiting on warm temperatures for outside work later plus a bike ride . Friday the 13th it took pretty well all day to have the chilly wind subside enough to enjoy the outside. I love to sit outside on these warm Spring days,when we get them and take a couple of hours in my day to lighten my heart and mind with some drumming and song in general. I stepped outside a couple of times yesterday to hop back in with that wind chill,oh well ,we will be looking for some shade soon enough. Which brings me to something a bit different for me to sell this season down in the park in the sun!!!and that would be sun hats, along with my art,this Spring and Summer I am offering unique UV protective sun hats , different styles and labels. More on these as I get some pictures . I have my selling permit for the Summer and weather permitting you will find myself and others ,and anyone else welcome to join us on the water front and maybe various other places this Summer to sell our wears, all you have to do is ask me for info or simply go to the Region of Queen's bylaw office and ask for a selling permit, fill it out with $10.00...and come on down, have some fun being with like People enjoying the the Summer and meeting People from away and home, have a few laughs and even if we have slim selling days, it is never a loss, no extra charge daily , the permit covers it ,I will advertise the days that we all will be there ,here and on Face Book.
Enjoy your weekend, Happy Spring!!

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  1. Congratulations boys! Creative minds can add such wonder and beauty to the world.