Friday, March 26, 2010

all put back together and ready for the Season

Well The mural is complete and in place, so I have been as mentioned before house cleaning while I await my Elevator client's return from vacation and then when all is in place at the Cranberry addition to the Mariner King Inn ,King Street Lunenburg N.S and is ready to open we then will head back to Lunenburg to be blown away by what we hope to see upon arrival...and that would be to ride up in the Elevator to see the Mural and hopefully great effect as you ride up or down. I teased them and said how I hope to be able to ride up and down as much as I like, whether I am staying there or not. I am a dither with excitement waiting for that day to see it all ready for guests ,to see it in action so to speak. I put my heart and soul into this project and was very proud to be chosen to do it.
Now back to this morning , My Gallery as you can see in these pictures has been returned to looking just that instead of what it looked like during the painting of the 37 foot Mural in there.
Art is back up and I have been working on unfinished things getting ready for Summer. All the art on the Church Pew in the one picture is waiting for our Lighthouse gift shop to open for the Season ,these pieces will be taken there as well as anything else I can have ready by then.
Queens County is a treasure, I often find myself remembering back when we lived in what was then sleepy Lunenburg and opened a shop on Lincoln Street in 1978,we were the only craft Shop in lunenburg back then, can you imagine this ? seeing it now? We couldn't afford to buy what property we wanted back then in and around Lunenburg and start a family so choose to return to my hometown Liverpool area where we bought a 20 acre farm in Mill Village/Charleston outside of town and did just that for 23 years , raised ourselves, Kid's and critters and we have the stories to go with that move ,which stay tuned I will be back with these stories to share with you in hopes that you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there.
I have some pretty insane stories from that 23 years on the Medway River :-) never to be forgotten....always cherished!!!

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