Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tourism Season

Today was pretty well filled with a Tourism meeting/workshop seeing there old and new faces all with excitement in the thought of a positive season filled again with familiar and new people to meet. For years we have had our returning costumers /friends from away, so many faces we enjoy seeing every Summer.

We have a wonderful town and surrounding areas full of fun ,adventure, heritage and friendly locals. It doesn't take long to be welcomed once you step foot in Queen's County.

This Season will see a new Tourist Bureau in Liverpool the other one being somewhat a small cabin type building this new one would make a great house sitting on the Mersey River with deck all around. A lovely building indeed. When can I move in :-)

We all were giving our suggestions at this meeting as to what our areas have to offer and we have a lot around us .I for one am thrilled when someone finds me here and visits, then I send them to all our little hot spots. The beaches in Queens County are simply the best with beautiful white sand, now the water yes is a bit on the cold side most Summers but i can tell you stories about body surfing at Summerville when the water was like bath water so make sure you always test her before jumping in and when there is a September storm on the horizon why that would be the time to jump in. Way back when my Mom got her cabin which now is owned by my Sister and her husband, Mom and I were sitting on our deck looking out to the Ocean eating an ice cream Sunday from the little canteen across the street which is now the Quarter Deck. A car full of young suffers stopped , they were so excited at the look of the waves and asked us if the Beach was private when we told them go right ahead enjoy that it was not private, well you should have seen them trying to get these surf boards quickly off the car as my my Mom is saying "Boys go feel the water first" now today we have surfers come from all over for our South Shore waves but they come with wet suits and are ready for their fun.

Growing up here before Summerville became a Provincial park my family and friends use to camp there every weekend I literally grew up on that beach. My Dad and friend use to dig a hole in the sand and put up a canvas outhouse and it would be there all Summer long. One year my Dad bought a tent trailer ,Mom and I loved it, to us it was home away from home and believe this, we would leave it out there all week long to return on the weekends to our tent trailer still there and not touched by anyone, those were the days.

Another special spot was up river on the Mersey, where now we have the Trestle Trail. There were train tracks and river crossing with log booms holding back pulp wood to be driven down river to the paper mill. The local boys, I say boy's because It was mostly boy's who would jump from the trestle bridge and run the pulp wood across the river to Pine Groove Park where as a very young child I would go to play "Cowboy's and Indian's " yes running around the woods doing just that.

One other special place I want to share with you and many out there know this great treasure ,it is beyond Summerville in Sable River " Bare Hole" I like to spell it Bare not Bear for just that reason I believe named because It is back in the woods and if looking for it without direction you may not find it ,being very secluded and private at most times and if people do come along you would hear them walking through the woods. The water is deep ,warm, brown and simply wonderful. The large rocks that surround it are warm and after a great swim are an inviting place to lounge . We would go there daily to wash the sand and surf off our bodies and your hair after swimming there was so soft .

There are many ,too many places to mention like this here in Queen's so I would suggest any of you out there looking for simple beauty come on and look us up, and when in town drop by here and say Hi.

Well tomorrow is another day and house cleaning might be what I may be forced to do...oh must I ? Then after I find everything I have lost over the Winter I need to get back to work. I love my job :-) Stay tuned ...


  1. OMG! I was one of those "boys" running the boom to Pine Grove. Such fond memories of jumping off the bridge, just inches from the train ... making the conductor s**t his bib overalls while the sparks flew from the brakes ... diving from the irons .. have you ever crawled up inside that bridge? It used to swing sideways and there are massive gears up inside .. really cool. My gosh .. the memories!

  2. Hi Deb, I so wanted to connect with you today. I wanted to talk to so many people and then you were gone. I put the local market for Liverpool as one of my short term goals. It would be great if this could take off. Great post. I also pratically grew up on Summerville Beach with your sister Kendra. I remember your mom's cabin, had some fun there. My mom and dad had a trailer down on the beach and we spent whole summers there. Walks up to the dairy treat and also to the bare hole. What was the canteen called across form the cabin and what was the family's name that owned it? Do you remember. They were from the states and we use to hang with the daughter. Those were the days. Carefree.

  3. Hope you and Chuck can make it to the next meeting April 20. Maybe we can get a bus to take a crowd down. Think they said it was at Oak Island.

  4. Sounds all great ...we would like to make the next meeting if possiable..we will work on it.
    the people who bought the canteen and cottages from woody were the "Perkins" large family from New York...Debbie was the chubby younger girl who mom kind of looked out for ..I have pictures of this family in front of the canteen and my God I have stories as I am sure we all do and would Love to share....

    Lynn...girl you !!!I knew you were one of the "Bridge Jumpers" I just knew it while I was writing that..maybe I saw you ...I just knew it..too funny..you come to visit ..we will go the trestle, last year while crossing over on our bikes I took a picture of a young fellow jumping and had Mary put it on Queens County Times ...this year we will try and get another and have Heather put it on her blog...so cool..hey Lynn want to jump again?
    Chuck just got home from a meeting...night all/