Saturday, March 6, 2010

at least another day

Well yesterday was a good day with a lot of picking of Chuckie's brain concerning rigging and what not, I have only been offshore fishing. He sailing above and below the surface of the Oceans around the World most of his life. Did I ever mention that is how I met him? He was working and living in Lunenburg .There to buy a sailing ship to hit the Seas. My friend introduced us to one another. We went on a date and on the way that evening he took me down to the shipyard to show me what I called a ship wreak of a Sail boat he was thinking of buying. I told him he was crazy right there and then that night. He fell in Love with me and stayed somewhat on dry land ever since then.
So we sat last evening with a glass of wine looking at this mural piece and today I have plans ,your question Lynn, Cross Island light in the background with some gulls of course and more tiny ship detail.
Another story, from just before we got married ,we thought, why not a bit of another adventure before we settle down and try and have a baby so we put in for the last lighthouse keeper position on Cross Island but as it turned out the Light went automatic before we got the job. So we then married and moved to Charleston Queens County to a 15 acre farm on the Medway River where we spent the next 23 years floating and tubing on the Medway, not Cross Island but just as nice.
So off I go, must get right to work today, our soon to be 6 year old great Niece "Indigo Maraposa "is dropping by this afternoon . Indi loves to play music , she likes Cat Stevens ,so we will play a few tunes with her and share some pizza and I know she is going to be tickled pink when she sees the mural. I am so excited , she is our special Little Blue butterfly and we can only wish to be her favorite Great Aunt and Uncle.
I am getting down to the last two Monday for sure.


  1. This Deb, is where you shine. This panel is something truly special. You've captured this icon that we hold so close in perfect detail, and the softness envelops you in the romance of the sea. What are you going to do with yourself when it's finished? After this work is installed, I doubt you'll have to worry about that for long.

  2. Thank you very much Lynn...I love you ... :-)