Sunday, March 7, 2010

panel 8...she's done

Myself and Little drummer Girl ,Indigo Maraposa, so much fun!!! Indi with the Whale.

well it was a day, painting in the AM, drumming with a 5 year old in the afternoon..what fun.
This is panel 8 complete, I put it down before taking a picture so the shot is a bit off but you can see the detail ,rigging etc. Chuck saved me and helped me get all in the right places,if I would have rigged this ship, well the sails would have taken off by the old saying goes...."ever been to Sea Billy?" "Nope"

Panel 9 is on the easel. Today it is going to be warm...or warmer ,so I may get outside and check out what the Winter has left for me in the back mess :-( but I hope to get it primed and maybe if not today I will first thing in the AM tomorrow start it. I am obsessed so Heaven only knows what I will do. As my Dear follower Lynn said , what will I do when done? I have two more boat piece paintings to do for the steps coming up beside the elevator and when those are done, I may do a needle felting or two but then will get back to work doing small paintings for the tourist season. We don't do any shows anymore, got to be too much for us in our more Golden years, you know I laugh now when needle felting all these light in weight charters and think, now this stuff is great for shows, so easy to handle, not like all the heavy boat piece paintings we have lugged for years. So if interested in seeing any of my Art, please drop me a line and stop by to view. I am pretty well always here working on something.

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