Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15th on Location

It has been a few days since I have checked in and Thank you Lynn for keeping me on my toes....LOL
Monday morning the 15th of March we tied down the last panel in our little trailer anticipating rain and wind as promised but instead as soon as we headed for Lunenburg the sun thankfully came out.
We drove nervously worrying about bumps and anything else good ole "Murphy's Law " might want to throw our way in regards to getting this panel to Lunenburg in One piece.. We made it safe and sound. Once there I got the two young apprentice twin carpenters to carry it in for us and in no time at all they had it up, the last piece.
As soon as I entered in the Pelham Street entrance my first words were" O my God" if I must say so myself Chuck and I love it.
I arrived with paint and brushes in tow knowing that there were a few spots which needed touch up on location and a fish or so to be added where needed, my the boy's working there would have hated to have me do the whole thing on location, which my tired arthritic body would never allow me to do anyway, but I so enjoyed teasing these young lad's today while I was there...Chuck once said how nice it was to be at such an age where you can tease the youngins and they just laugh at you ,and not call the police or have you committed ,yet anyway... LOL
When the whole project is complete ,elevator in, I will be back with more photos but for now I have uploaded everything I could, to try and give you an idea of how it is going to be , you will not be able to see the whole thing all at once of course, you will have to ride the elevator to get the overall effect...and remember when looking at these photos and you see floor...there will be no floors "Elevator" remember?
I will try and explain the photos from left to right starting with,
#1-here is one of the portholes coming up the steps just outside the elevator, to have still a brass like ring around the porthole inside and out representing a ships porthole,so people can see folk's riding up inside the elevator through the porthole window and of course those inside can look out .
#2 inside the elevator shaft top floor ,Lunenburg Town . #3 Lunenburg town showing top of the Bluenose masts. #4 Bluenose above the whale .#5 the whale with another porthole, #6 My boy...the angry Octopus with the ship wreak masts and this is what you will first see when you come in the Pelham Street entrance where you then either go up three stories or down one story below street level. #7 the rest of the ship wreak and diver with treasure at the very bottom.
The last two photos are of me working on location doing touch ups and having some laughs with my twin carpenters . Now take another look and go from the last photo up and imagine going up in the elevator . The elevator is being installed starting tomorrow and when everything is done and cleaned up I will be back with my trusty camera in tow.


  1. Neat! How many floors is this Deb? 3?

  2. i had to think..(4)....i posted again above
    3 above ,1 below..
    i am so not good at getting these photos up in any kind of order...learning how to do all this computer stuff as I forgive if it is confusing :-( "me fault" :-)

  3. Spectacular Deb! Thanks for the explanation as it makes sense now. I really have to go there to see this. Young twin carpenters??? What lottery did you win?