Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here is a new shot of the whales tail, I was not happy with the original painting ..right Lynn and Chuck ? yesterday I made some changes and I am happier with this end result after a few strokes of paint. Don't be confused when looking at this picture for you can see the Octopus panel behind the whale tail panel.
I started the Whales head breaching yesterday and today have a lot of work with his eye as well plans are in motion for the left side of this panel which should be posted tomorrow.
It is amazing how many people think and remark at the fact that this large project is not taking me long to do, what they do not understand is the kind of person I am and how I work. I am not one to put things on the back burner. This is a full time job right now to me. When I am doing a project such as this I put my all in it, and if not working with paint and brush, I am researching while fortunately I have help with the everyday things around the house and Chuck feeds me most times way too well.
Funny , well to me, I had someone say ,"aren't you afraid of burning out?" can't burn out if you are doing what you were born to do and what you Love. Actually I dread the day when I am done with this , because I am dearly enjoying every moment and the only thing I worry about is getting this mural safely when done to it's new home , Cranberry addition to the Mariner King Inn on King Street in Lunenburg in their new glass windowed elevator.
When the truck comes for it, I believe I will be right behind it all the way, seeing my baby delivered safe and sound to her new home.
so off I go today. Back again soon.

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  1. Cool ... much better. Love the head and the eye..