Thursday, March 18, 2010

elevator pieces parts....

Here are a couple pictures of elevator parts...she actually may be on her way to being installed...I will contact someone by the end of the week to see just how things are going. Against the brick wall behind the white rectangle piece is the Glass window for the elevator and it is about that same size..all this other stuff is to do with the elevator.

The elevator pieces came with men who do this kind of thing all the time so it should not take them long.

I have been working on a few boat pieces preparing them for my client to look over ,we have to decide which two will work on the wall coming up the stairs.

These two paintings I will start very soon after doing a couple rough sketches first before getting the go ahead.

Happy belated St. Paddy's Day to you all, was that not the most wonderful!!!warm day. We drove our bikes over our local Trestle Trail and back across the Liverpool bridge ,around the loop you might say, good for us ,that is a pretty good ride for us out of shape people. When we got home we had company and ended up with four dogs playing in behind our fence, well 3 our Little Eddie has no idea what play is. What fun watching the two larger dogs race around the yard being chased by a tiny cute "Stella" Australian Terrier...she kills me she is so cute and funny, I swear I have never met a dog quite like "Stella" The whole time I am in her company I have a huge smile on my face...she does this to me . She is just a hoot!!!!
I got my yard and deck all ready for Spring and St .Patrick's Day was the first day for us to take our drums outside to play in the warm sun.
Today we hope to take another bike ride.
Soon I will be back to work painting and felting, I have been taking some what of a break since completing the mural, I believe I deserve a break :-)

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  1. I love that these people want more work from you. Are they having any kind of a 'grand opening'? What a day that would be for you ... you know that could be made into quite a significant event with only a few phone calls. Your bike ride brought back memories. The rails were still in place back then, but Bristol used to be a good jog from the house, as was Pine Grove ... actually I used to run the booms in the river too. Ha .. what I wouldn't give to be able to do that now.