Monday, March 1, 2010

panel 6, a whales tail

Well I know there are a couple of you who are following me on a regular basis...
maybe yesterday you checked in and thought" what happened to her ?" she who has been entering something daily for some time now...not to worry I am here.
As I mentioned a bit ago, panel 6 comes with some twists , not bad twists but we are getting into something very interesting with the mural. As you can see here there is a big scoop out of the panel 6. This is a porthole, with the top half in panel 7 .When mounted on the elevator shaft wall and while riding in the elevator you will be able to look out the portholes at the steps coming up beside it. There will be two portholes before we are done. Remember the elevator has a glass window.
Sunday morning panel 6 was on my easel but I had a bit of thinking and sketching to do before I could begin. Once I got things figured out I did get some blocking in done and ideas for today. I must add some back ground here on this panel to make it more interesting as well more Whale barnacle detail and then panel 7 will have the Whale broaching (breaching)the surface,which word is correct? with a beautiful sunset planned and with all the rain we have been having ,I look forward to a nice sunset even if I have to paint my own.
So check back, I am here doing you know what.

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