Thursday, March 4, 2010

Panel 7 complete

Here is panel 7, I must say I am very happy with the head of the Whale, I love her eye, it turned out just as I had hoped for, kind and intelligent and I believe she is a female Whale indeed.

Today I will be starting another full panel but there is one more porthole panel yet to come before the end and speaking of the end, there are only 3 panels left, I don't know if I want this project to end, I am loving it, what more can I say, plus ,Chuck doing all my housework well, maybe that has something to do with it as well, LOL ...I have been locking myself in my Gallery/studio these last how many days and this is all I have been doing, excited to even think of how it is going to look when installed on the Elevator shaft wall.
So off I go...a great day to be inside.

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