Tuesday, March 2, 2010

panel 6 done

Well it was a whale of a tale...I messed and messed around yesterday with the tail ,wanting to give it as much interest as one could give a whale's tail. A lot of research was done considering I have never seen a whale up close and personal before ,only from a distance when we were inshore fishing that one Summer way back in Lunenburg days. But, I believe I have succeeded at getting all his lumps, bumps and crustaceans. This is panel 6 and panel 7 will be on the easel today . After preparing the panel for painting, I will first sketch the whales head and again will do a lot of work on getting again all his lumps and bumps ,what I am so looking forward to is painting his eye in, for as mean as the Octopus looks I want the Whale to be intelligent and with kindness in his eye. So you will have to check back to see if I capture what I am going for. Now that I said that , well I must produce...LOL. The Whale as you can see is going up around and above the porthole and will breach into a glorious sunset.

So off I go for another cup of "Joe" and get my day started...this is a full time job and I am late getting going today...LOL ...I am still in my PJ's.. Thank God I am working from home, for I am putting in long hours but am working at what I love to do.

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