Monday, March 8, 2010

Panel 9 beginning

Good morning, As I said yesterday ,I wasn't sure if I would get anything started. I did enjoy the outdoors and sat with my face to the very bright sun, rejuvenated and ready to see the Winter leave us. Now I can wait patently because I see the end and feel the warm sun with dreams of days ahead. But...I did get a little bit of painting done.

I had to re sketch the original top piece again because here is where our extra feet are I believe, so things are a bit changed but not so different as to make any difference in the finished piece. Just adding a few more things to fill in space. As you can see this panel is the beginning of the second porthole on the top floor of the Cranberry Inn . The last panel # 10 has only a slight scoop in it being the top of the porthole and that will be panel 10 the last panel in the mural.
Here on panel 9 beginning we have the top of the masts from the Schooner ,then I will be making my way into Lunenburg Harbor and then into the town on panel 10.
Drop back tomorrow ,there should be a big difference. I will have company today..inspiring me as I work , we are puppy sitting the sweetest little happy puppy..."Stella" gotta Love her name...LOL so I will be running around the yard playing with her on my breaks...looking forward to that as well. She's here and she is a wiggle Bunny and runs and runs...she is an "Australian Terrier"

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