Thursday, April 1, 2010

needle felting for the upcoming Summer season

I have been needle felting this past bit ,trying to get some smaller ,more affordable fun stuff done for our Tourist Season. Everyone loves cats so I made half cats with brooch pins on the back as well as colorful heart with brooch pins as well.
Yesterday I started a new painting ,I will share this with you soon, actually this painting may be sold already .
Maybe today we will get out on our bikes, there is some talk of drizzle lets hope not.
We were suppose to be building a toy wheel barrow for our Grandson...never keep things until the last minute, we will not get it done so we called all around looking for a plastic toy wheel barrow with no luck at all. Darn!!! So we will have to search for a special little something to go with his garden tools.

1 comment:

  1. The small stuff is so fun to make. Half cats ... hmmm now why didn't I think of that ...