Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rain ,April and Eddie

Today it is raining again, my birdhouse boots still without roofs. But I have been very busy with a few things such as my blank greeting cards, chuck cut them taking him at least a whole day and I have been folding and gearing up with envelopes. All done ,so that was a job done not to be worried about again.
When I was a child I always thought I would love to be Veterinarian as an adult, I found out over the years that I would never make a good Vet, how could I see to help them with tears welling in my eyes all the time. I do donate to our local SPCA , always being asked to donate art to various organizations I finally choose for myself who I want to give to and that is the Animals. Above is a photo of one of my paintings I donated to the SPCA.

We had a scare with our Little Papillon Dog Eddie, he is 12 years old, blind and deaf and we thought not doing well . He had been messing in the house and I say had because he hasn't the last couple of days. I invited all his people and doggy friends as well as his boy our Clay to visit on Sunday thinking that his days were numbered. Well, you should have seen him perk up and he had a great day, after seeing and watching this all Sunday , I knew in my heart that he was to be with us a while longer and kept it to myself to wake Monday morning to a new day and fresh thinking. Eddie is still with us and will be until he stops eating ,and I see that he is uncomfortable .

We are all relieved especially his boy Clay and his girlfriend Kate :-) we are happy to still have our sweet little friend with us and what can I say but these things are so ,so hard , our hearts ache for our little fur friend's. Here he is ,this is an older picture , his eyes are more cloudy these days but he can get around just fine and is eating well and when his dog girlfriend Laura above photo is here he still has Love on his mind so he is fine I am happy to say.

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  1. Oh Eddie, don't scare us so! You're an amazing little dog and you bring so much love into the lives of your humans!