Sunday, April 18, 2010

little paintings

a few smaller paintings are now ready for the Tourist season, lets hope we have one...a lot going on in the old World at the moment with the Iceland ash cloud grounding all of Europe. Our Dear friend who we doggy sit for is one of these traveller's. She called last night from a friend's house so we know she is safe and sound and not sleeping on a bench in an airport somewhere . she expects to be in the air by Monday, we hope she is but better safe then sorry and all is fine here so she has no worries .
I have a couple more of the smaller paintings to do in preparation for the opening of our local gift shops.
I have been
collecting cowboy boots all winter when i see them at frenchies and other second hand places . I make birdhouses from them . This week my plan is to try and get one or two birdhouses done and then take a break and do some needle felting.
The weather has been cold with an icy wind so we have not been out on our bikes for sometime, way missed I must say,for I am not at all mobile without my wheels.
Folk's have been dropping off driftwood for Chuck's driftwood furniture, Thank God for our fence, for not everyone would understand what we have this old wood for, as well the odd pieces of wood that these paintings are on , it does make the subject seem more interesting to me as well as many others, people either love this type of painting or not, just that simple. I for one must say I love to see my paintings on nice smooth clean walls , there is a very interesting contrast. Today I will do a couple more small paintings .I will share when done.

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