Sunday, April 11, 2010

the past few days painting again

Well I did take a break...but the past few days I have been working on two paintings boat hatch covers. "Peggy's light "and "weathered wall" these are possible paintings for coming up the steps in the inn to be seen from the elevator portholes where the mural is.
Well Spring is in the air and the hopes of a good Tourist Season is on every one's mind. I was approached regarding small prints or watercolors , affordable easy to travel that kind of thing, one always has to be thinking of the travelling aspect, so many times I have had to show, convince folk's afraid of returning home with one of my boat piece paintings, afraid it will be scratched or hurt in some way in transit, no worries ,that is what is nice about these paintings painted on wood ,they aren't like canvas, no worries travelling. I remember the time we shipped a boat bow to Switzerland, they were so worried but I convinced them all was well and sure enough it was, remember most of this wood is older then us and is as tough as the Sea it's self. So that piece made it there in time for their wedding anniversary. Which makes me think of all the times I got pictures sent to me of my art on folk's walls all over the world, what a nice feeling to see where my work hangs , I get a warm cozy feeling when I see these photos and realize just how much my work has put a smile on someones face, I thank the powers that be for what my life has given me, and that is pride in knowing others are enjoying what love to do...Thank you all for that.
I am headed to one of our local Elementary schools in the next couple weeks for an Art/Math gathering, over the years Chuck and I have done a lot of workshops , projects etc...etc...with all our schools here in Queen's county as well as organizing Christmas Parades ,face painting anything to do with children ,back in my earlier days I would make puppets and do puppet shows with nursery schools, today I find it hard to believe I had that energy back then, don't get me wrong I love kids but they do wear me out big time these days, but I have fond memories especially the time Chuck and I did a special birthday party for a young friend and her friends ,we made beaded necklaces and paper Mach' cats, well you should have seen the wonderful creations these young ladies made and the mess which you can just imagine . Where did we find the energy? For I believe I can't find it today:-)
So this week coming I will work on my small paintings for the summer Season .


  1. These are wonderful Deb! Great work ol' gal. Keep on truckin' .... errr... I mean painting.

  2. Hey when I read what you said about the half cats and why you didn't think of them?...because I did for you ..... :-)
    Thanks for the complements .happy to be painting again but.i miss needle felting ,found a couple wicker props at frenchies , am still thinking about getting the old guy a pipe like you suggested, his hand is perfect for it. but really do have to think about the fact this summer may be slow with all that is going on (ferry and loonie) always something,so must offer afforable things for the little local craft outlets. The days of doing shows are over for us, health,so other then the local hot spots folk's will have to look me up. I will be somewhere :-)and you know where to find me...