Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day !!!!!

Well my Birdhouses do not have roofs yet but my house is clean and I got out on my all is well and I woke to a clean house this Earth Day.

I thought I would put up this picture of our pet Crows from back when we lived in Charleston there is nothing more Earthy then our Crows. We loved them and now our real estate agent says they hang around her home and farm nearby our old house.

Now as I say that , and we did feed our Crows when we lived on 20 acres of land....BUT!!! here in town we have noticed people feeding the Town Crows by throwing out whole loafs of bread and meat products ,thinking that they are helping these bird's when in fact what they are actually doing is feeding the town rats and bringing in flock's of Sea Gulls while the Crows wait for the left overs . These bird's are not starving to death, there is plenty for them to eat. Above is a picture of a chunk of bread that was dropped on our roof by the Gulls, as well as one group of gulls on our neighbors roof. Folk's need to be informed about Gull feces which can be very dangerous , their feces is a major source of E.coli bacteria and any contact can cause infections and or salmonella and can corrode the paint on a car as well as your house roof shingles. This is no joke . I have been sitting out on my deck at times when this happens to be driven inside because of the large flock of gulls flying above my head to then return to my deck later to gull feces on my deck floor which would and could have been on my head . I watch and discourage them from landing on my house roof but they are all around here on other roofs as again you can see above.

Last Summer I found a chicken bone and chunk of tomato in our back yard,there are things they will not eat so they drop what they don't want. We have a small dog and often have friend's dogs over and the chicken bone could have been fatal for these animals so I am constantly watching for this. We are very fortunate to live in a town where recycling , composting and garbage pickup is every second week. We don't keep our garbage can or composter in our back yard so this food scrap did not come from us.
So that is my little Earth Day rave, lets keep our World clean, think before you drop!!!!!! anything!! anywhere!!!

On a lighter side ,this evening I am headed to the Milton Elementary school to view and celebrate with the children an evening of "Art/Math" I am so looking forward to it. I will post pictures tomorrow.

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