Thursday, April 22, 2010

Milton School Art/Math projects

I am back from the school and because i will be out tomorrow and Chuck is at a meeting I decided to write this evening.

It was an honor and treat to be there, to see Teacher's and children I have known for years .

There was so much , they worked so hard and were so proud . There was a great turn out and it was so nice to see all the young parents and Grandparents I was thrilled to be there, Thank you for the invite.

Mobiles hung in all the doorways.

Here we have Haily from a below photo and her Friend's, to think these young Ladies may continue growing and going to school with each other for years to come, to have their ups and downs , to share laughs and secrets with friend's who someday may be standing with them on their wedding days, oh to be young, I wish you all the best girl's ,become great in all you do, be happy , safe and have fun learning.

This one I really Loved ...gumdrops....yum!!! I wonder how many they ate building this?
Now that was a great way to learn.

Here we have a lovely young lady Hailey Saulnier standing proudly infront of her art work.
It was so cute as I was walking the hall ways looking at this great colorful work, I saw Hailey pointing to the butterflies, I asked her if this was her work, then looked up to see that I knew her parents , the last time I saw Hailey I believe I was face painting her and that was a few years back now. My you feed these little munchkins and they grow like weeds. Which reminds me, speaking of growing like weeds , I either grew like a little weed this past Winter or my cloths shrunk over these past Months with all this dampness..I made a funny...

I was having a time trying to find something decent to wear this evening.

Milton school is primary and one then they head into town to Dr John C. Wickwire where I have had the privilege of doing drum workshops and art projects with the students over the years,our Clay came into town from where we lived then in Charleston for grade 6, there was talk of the Mill village school closing so we sent him to town to be in the first grade six graduating class at Wickwire, we started doing workshops at that school if seems so long ago ,Clay is 25 now, where does the time fly?

So back to the art work, what they did was combine art and math in many different ways,I did try and get as many shots as I could there was so much to choose from so hopefully you will get the idea from these photos.

Now to share with you something I thought was very sad, all this great ,beautiful art work will have to be removed from these walls by the end of this week, there is a fire regulation as of just two years ago that no paper of any kind can be hung anywhere in hallways or classrooms unless it is on a bulletin board, so why not put up more bulletin boards you ask as did the Teacher's when first they heard of this new law ,to find out they can't do that either because they are only allowed so many bulletin boards so many feet apart, well yes there are rules and rules are made for a reason but we all know children learn a great deal from visual and I remember classrooms with so much stimulating information around them now this is no longer the case, all their wonderful work , what will happen to it? too bad it could not be left up for awhile longer at least . The times they are changing and sometimes you really must wonder if for the best?

So time to veg and watch TV ,while I wait for Chuck to return.
Do you not agree Earth Day was beautiful? lets make everyday "Earth Day"

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