Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"these boots are not meant for walking"

These boots are not meant for walking anymore. Houses for our tiny feathered friend's are what they now will do . Today hopefully, I will get to work on the roofs. Yesterday I worked hard to get this much done and I just love the little gold boots.
I took this quick shot this morning just to give you an idea of what I am up to with them.
The weather here this AM is nice and sunny and yesterday I did not get out on my bike because of bad gusts of wind, hard for me to cut through, but today it looks like a bike ride may indeed happen, fingers crossed.
Check back in a couple days to see the boots complete.
I have one on my bunkhouse from last fall and have had two chickadees looking, I can only wish that they move in this Spring. When we lived on our 20 acre farm we had so many song birds and now that we live in town, well with our one little tree, I must incourage our tiny friend's to nest in my boots.
Just a note regarding this ash cloud, our friend has been stuck in France ,she was due home last Sunday and now as of last night it looks like this Sunday. She is fortunate she can stay with friend's but told us how angry and confused people are, those with no where to go . I hate to think what this is going to do with the airlines, and costs. So lets hope all works out for the good and that folk's get to where they are going safely.

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