Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Local News Paper

Well it has been awhile since finishing the mural, I guess you could say I took a bit of a break as far as starting a bigger project. Small things I have done and I am working on a large boat piece Peggy's light I will share with you in a couple days.
Here is a shot of the news Paper article from last week covering the mural, what fun I had with Kate who wrote the article, lovely person and as you can see by my large grin ,we had a few laughs. She did a great job and was very kind in her writings, Thank you Kate :-)
We have been out riding our bikes these past lovely days getting back into what we call shape, funny word that, for we have no shape and are no wheres near in it, but try we do and we may see some shape come September in time to put the bikes away for the Winter, oh it's not that bad, we have tons of fun on our bikes.
We drove the Trestle Trail a few times already this Season and we so Love it, we saw our first chipmunk's of the Season on the trail, funny me being excited to see them because when we lived in the Country we use to live catch squirrel's who would create havoc in my bird feeders and would relocate them further into the woods only I am sure to return again another day .Now that I live in town I look forward to driving through the quiet woods on the Trestle Trail across the Mersey River to feel such joy in spotting these critters.
There is talk about letting ATVs ride across the bridge with us cyclist's and walkers to join up to another trail on the other side somewhere, we hope this does not happen, we see it not working and as well as many others we feel it would not be the best decision ,so fingers crossed for it to remain the same way and be as quiet and beautiful as it is now.
I love to stop on the bridge and look up and down the Mersey and remember all that is in my memory from being a little girl growing up right there, Liverpool is a beautiful Town, if ever you can walk this trail and see what we see, do it , it is a great hike.I love to share these stories with Chuck ,swimming in the river and jumping off the bridge and so many other memories from those great days.
I have noticed some song bird's have returned this year to us, we put up a large fence when we moved in three years ago now here in town and we only have one tree where as when we lived in Charleston we had 20 acres of trees with many many bird's so now we have to entice them here and we are succeeding and like two Kid's we giggle with excitement when we see our little feathered friends. And you know we really don't see black flies behind our fence here in town. Another World indeed.
One cute story from back then in the Country, I was working outside the home for a bit and Chuck was doing the in home work . We had cows, pigs, Chickens etc. He was doing a wash one day and being a smart man he decided to remove his pants and put them in the wash with the rest , he went back to doing his work when he heard something outside and looking out saw a three legged Coyote with one of our Chickens in his mouth, chuck picked up a piece of firewood and chased the Coyote down over the field towards the woods in his underwear , I wasn't home but I can see it in my mind. When I got home we tracked through the woods and every so many feet we would see feathers , this poor animal must have been really hungry I suppose with three legs hunting would have been difficult for him ,so he came to our take out ,you might say.
Things like this happened a lot back then, one of those living in the Country things , I am happy to have done all that but my body says now"time out"
I will leave you for today and hopefully with the promise of showers today , my day will be full with painting .

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