Monday, May 3, 2010

back after a couple days

I 'm back, it has been busy this past couple of days since I wrote here in my blog, Spring does that to one, sneaks up with much work, getting out on the bike , seeing old friend's who were held up inside all Winter, yard sales to visit and buy more stuff to replace the junk you put out for Spring cleanup, my, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Yesterday we went to our friend's Mom's 97th Birthday gathering, she is such a Dear . When I was in my early preteen years she was my solo teacher, I remember going to her house after Christmas year after year once a week to practice for the music festival. I see in my mind the room in the front of her house with the piano , the room is as clear as if I were standing in it right now. There was a closed door to the rest of the house and I use to hear Kate my friend now but at the time I didn't know her on the other side of the door talking with her since passed Dad. Years later when I knew Kate and hung around with her, I remember going to her home and waiting for her to get ready for us to go out.I would sit in the other front room where her Mom would wait with me while she pressed her beautiful flowers in between the pages of her book. she was and is a very classy, wonderful person a special lady indeed and I am happy to still have her here and she being a friend of mine today.

Above is a shot of my blank greeting cards I offer ,there are a few more not on the rack yet to be added. Some like to choose 4 or 5 same theme and put them in a multiple mated frame. Also there is a shot of some of the product which is waiting to be taken to our various local Tourist spots for the Summer.
As well take notice of the shot of the Theatre Masks, this sign will be on our house to welcome Actors and the like from all over the world and nearby who will be here in our wonderful Little friendly town for our Biannual Theatre Festival . Every second year a local artist is chosen to make the awards for these Actor's, it is an honor which I proudly have had my turn at.
Our Town will come alive on May 19-23 and be a bustle with People from all over the Maritime provinces and World. There is music entertainment ,plays ,socializing with interesting people and stories and lives to share. My hope God willing, I have a nap first, is to join in on the late night,early morning jam sessions ,my plan is to make one for sure, I would do all three evenings at Lanes late night Thurs. Fri. and Sat. if I were about 20 years younger :-( I plan to take my Tongue drum and if Chuck joins me, more drums and maybe rhythm instruments. Of course even though I will be with Adults possibly drinking, I will have to remind them if they use a drum to respect the drum , like I tell children a drum has skin just like our fragile skin and can be cut, so we must be very careful Kid's :-) if you can...join in ,visit our Town on the long weekend in May,look me up.
Tomorrow I will post a picture and story about the huge boat piece we just hung outside on our fence in the Gallery driveway ,this piece is so big I have no where for it inside this Summer, so it is out there in a shady spot waiting for someone , maybe you ? to buy it and take it home to hang inside your high ceiling home ,it is about 10 Feet long. These pieces are very hard to find , I have been fortunate to have over the years found all in all that size about 4 pieces like this, I know where two of them are hanging today and I have been there and have seen them, what a wonderful feeling to see where one's art is hanging, yes every piece I do has a whole lot of me ,of course in it. And most times I can tell you where the piece came from as I can with this particular boat piece.

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  1. You've got a lot of nice stuff there Deb. I gotta get down and see the big piece before someone buys it and trucks it away. Soon I hope.