Friday, May 21, 2010

a letter of Reconation from our local MLA

OK...this morning I may have to crazy glue my bottom to this chair . Pass the glue over boy's.

Yesterday when I picked my mail up...WOW!!! I had a very official envelope arrive , oh Dear what is this ? I opened it right there in the Post Office and and to my surprise and delight holy Hanna it was a letter from our Local MLA who sent me a letter of recognition from the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia. Of course I sent this news to all who may be happy for me at receiving such an honor and this morning I woke to an email from Heather Kelly who writes a Blog all about Queen's County , the people in it and what there is to see. Thank you Heather, such a wonderful kind article, I am on cloud nine and for me to float freely in the air, well it takes a lot ,I am a healthy girl :-)

There isn't much I can say that just looking at this letter doesn't say for itself.

Thank you everyone who has supported me all these years with my art and life ,costumers family and friend's I can't thank you all enough, I am thrilled to be awarded such a an honor and am humbled. Thank you Vicki Conrad MLA for Queen's.

Today and this weekend here in Liverpool The International Theatre Festival is going on and we have many people from near and far in town. Welcome all and the sun is shining. We are headed out on our bikes in a bit and then I will open my Gallery for the day.

Have a great weekend all.

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  1. I'm really happy for you Deb. Amazing recognition and well deserved.