Monday, May 10, 2010

wetfelting weekend

what a weekend I had ,Thanks to my Cuz. Lynn Sponagle from "Decretive Kindling" check her out ,she is one of my followers. Her work is wonderful!!Must be in the blood...LOL

Lynn and I have been needle felting for sometime now and are both obsessed. I have done a little bit of wet felting before and like Lynn wanted to do more so she dove into bangles and now I am doing them and what a weekend I had ,to the point my darling husband was concerned I would burn myself out , as long as he has been living with me and this concerns him? Hmmmm... I don't think so, but I did rub my hands almost raw.I love to create ,something like this I call relaxing, I made 14 bracelets and 20 rings since I think last Thursday, Lynn was the first to do the bracelets, she adds wonderful bead work to hers . I wanted to make my first for me and I am a drummer so really can't have beads or wear regular jewelry while I drum so my bangle is just wool. I added one stone, shell or bead to my rings ,just to give them a little bling.

This process is so fun. Watching the wool shrink and felt, like magic.I wore my ring and bangle to bed last night just to see how it "felt" get felt fine :-) and no concern getting it wet, why that is how you felt with water, just always make sure you let it dry out before putting it away.


  1. Oh my god Deb ... you've been busy. Those look yummy! I made a few this weekend too ... not that many tho.

  2. Love the bracelets Deb. If it warms up at all this week I will stop in to have a look see .