Sunday, May 30, 2010

rode the Elevator up and down

Well Saturday May 29th 2010, I rode the Elevator and watched my Mural as I went up and down. It was amazing. The first photo to the left is how it looks when you get in on the second floor. Next shot is of the Elevator Boy's who I made a point of having some fun with, they all had a wonderful sense of humor and we enjoyed working with them. First off they put me down in the pit and I started to incorporate the emergency ladder into the mural. I'm not really good on ladders but did rather well . The boy's were there to make me safe so that the Elevator wouldn't drop on my head, so I had all these men focusing on me in the pit, it took two of them to get me down there and back out when done. But, the exciting and scary part was riding on top of the Elevator, yes on top, myself and one of the guy's had to climb in on top and ride slowly to the top to cover a few screw holes and such things like that, I must admit as soon as it started up I found myself crouching down, a weird sensation for sure but these guy's are pros , big time. So I finished up all that needed to be done . The only thing I have not seen up yet because there was no one there to hang them are the two paintings I did for going up the steps, so I will return again another day soon and ride again to look out the portholes at the paintings outside the elevator.

I love the picture below right from down in the pit looking up towards the top of the elevator shaft. As you can see in this picture the mural is lite with spot lights as you ride up.

The last shot is of me in the pit.
So that is that and she is ready and waiting, they are opening either today or tomorrow. So head to Lunenburg ,get a room in this wonderful beautifully decorated Inn and take a ride for yourself. My baby is home.


  1. Wow! Now I can see how this all works. Oh Deb ... this is wonderful! I hope you left a couple pounds of business cards at the desk!