Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fun day with painting and people

Monday was a day I sat aside for working on my "Harvest" painting, I have a few more strokes yet to be added but thought this AM was a good day to share how he is coming along.
Liverpool ,being on the slower side when it comes to early Tourists arriving, Lunenburg on the other hand has already been a buzz with many people. I have been faithfully open days hoping someone would drop by and share a smile and yes doing business is good,but we all know that there is much more to life then money, now don't get me wrong I need it to get by and never make a fuss when given some. People have come by and these warmer days will bring more. I honestly feel I heal from the Winter 's cold blues , it seems to melt all away as our Summer Season begins and Folk's drop by .
Yesterday was one of those days, I was hard at painting when I had three Helicopter guy's drop by, why when three cute guy's come to my door that gives me a license for a few laughs, now ,I always take the gamble that someone will drop by without a sense of humor but ,come on ,these days with the World out there that some of us read about while other's are slammed right into it, we need to stand back and realize just what is important, and that would be to laugh and joke as often as we can and by all means ,tease the guy's as much as I can. These three gentlemen as soon as they walked in , I knew they were OK with a chuckle or two. The boy's were from Florida and have been in our part of the Country for a few Months working on and with a Helicopter, I didn't ask any details but it sounds to be a very interesting job and I can just imagine how they have spent these past few Months in Nova Scotia.Right Boy's ?
Happy that they took a day to visit our South Shore Liverpool area and drop in on me.
Getting good feedback is so rewarding and that is what I was given by these lovely Gents.
The funny part was that I was still in a chuckle from my weekend with my "Elevator " Boy's and then within two days I had my "Helicopter" Boy's ..what more could a girl ask for. Gee, my husband has a sense of humor himself to put up with my silliness, I guess after all these years ,he knows what he got into, and no worries about anyone taking me too serious.
I have been told so many times that Folk's really feel the Maritimes in my paintings not only because of the scenes I paint but the fact that the wood I paint on gives a feeling of our Nova Scotia sea Shores.
Actually yesterday brought me another young man, he and his young Bride just had a house warming party and were given a print of one of my canvasses , our son was Master of ceremonies at this young couples wedding . He dropped by interested in getting a painting from me for the main focal point in their new living room. Very special indeed to be hung in their home after watching them grow and marry ,knowing them and their parents for all our years on the Medway River..
We were invited for lunch on Thursday by the lovely people who bought our farm. Our Real estate Agent back over three years ago now when we sold found it strange that the day of the House closing we all met at the old homestead to break bread and toast with the folk's who bought the farm. She said this never happens, leave it to us :-)We have been back a few times and have jammed with friends of theirs who play Banjo and Cello. What a lovely feeling to go back and as beautiful as it is and you would not believe the view they have and of course we do miss our lazy days floating on the Medway River, skinny dipping whenever the mood or weather permits, yes those were super duper years but the fact we can go back and feel very pleased with the people who we believe were sent to us, who were meant to take over this special property from us. We love our little gem here in Liverpool don't get me wrong, this house was built by shipbuilders and has a wonderful feel and history as well.


  1. Lovely painting Deb. I enjoyed your story here. You really meet some interesting folks. Some days my memories bring me back to Liverpool ... fond memories mostly; it was a good place to grow up.

  2. I love the painting - reminds of the Admiral!