Thursday, June 17, 2010

I have been so busy...

It has been awhile, so much has been going on some very good and one such thing very bad, the worst. A young man who we watched grow into a handsome tall blond 22 year old who had a jest for life and lived it to the fullest ,was killed in a car crash last weekend. I have been pondering whether to write anything about this for days and have set here so many times in this past week and writing some profound things to then delete after. There really are only a few words which need to be said, these words would be" Life is way too short". God Bless his Parents and keep them strong.

Because my heart has been full of tears this long slow moving week I have been finishing up a few smaller paintings for the Tourist season, folk's like these little paintings which they can stick right in their suitcases while travelling.

As well , I finished a painting which may already be sold ,as well, above a shot of it's first sketch.

When not painting out of the sun inside, I was out in the heat and sun planting and tending to my flower gardens. I am baked and getting dark. I try and keep myself covered with clothing sun screen and hats and still I am turning that not so wanted at this older age dark with tan. When I was a teenager I would lie in the sun all day and would never dream of using sun screen. I was not the brightest apple on the tree back then but I was the darkest. No matter how hard I try the sun finds me.

Privateer days as well as Canada day are coming quickly upon us and we are busy with thought as to what we are doing. We will be dressed as Pirates , someone needs to do that job, we want to fly our Pirate flags from our bikes and rape and pillage as much as we can..oh , who am I fooling, all we can do is dress as Pirates and go"Grrrrrrrr me matie" that would be about it at our ages, but we will have a few laughs for sure. The plan is to have a few items for sale down with the festivities, I will only take light things for sale on our bikes, keep it simple, sell from a blanket on the ground as a Pirate should, rather then take displays and all the fuss and muss we did in years past at shows, we will make a day of selling more fun these days then work. My gallery here in our home saves on all the wear and tear on our tired old bodies .

Chuck will be finishing up his wooden spoon spatulas to have for sale that day, they are great tools at an affordable price and I will take anything I can on my bike. I want to gear something up to haul behind my bike and I would love to decorate my bike as a Pirate ship for in the parade ,but??do I have that much energy to do this?...I wish, we will see. I will share here if I do.

Canada Day Chuck and I are going to do sidewalk chalk art with the kid's, that should be great fun. I have an idea for the kid's to do, again I will share with you after the event, some photos.

Yesterday, late in the day we had two fun loving young woman drop by, a Teacher and a Nurse, great friend's who went on a vacation adventure together and we were blessed that they dropped in. What fun we had taking their pictures with "Fred the Fisherman" (dummy) I have sitting against the side of the house. some people have so much fun with him.

People enjoy ,little things like that while travelling, what I call flavor and taste of a community, Dummies like "Fred the Fisherman" add color and they will have fond memories after stopping and having a photo session with him. They as well had their pictures taken with us, how nice and Thank you ladies for dropping in and sharing some laughs with us, you made our day. Drop by for a visit , next time you are in our area. Keep up the good work girl's with students and people who's lives you make a difference in.
Above you can meet "The Girl's" with you can see they had a lot of fun with him and he has not been the same since...waiting for their return.

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  1. Gosh Deb ... it's a very busy time of year, isn't it? I love, love, love the little painting of the buoys hanging in the tree. I'm busy with getting ready for a Canada Day event as well. My summer is booked solid right now. Art on Chickie!