Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a busy yesterday

Yesterday was a beautiful warm busy day.

I had work on my mind , painting but not art. I duck taped my paint brush as well as my scraper to broom handles and went to work on the white house trim. May I suggest to you all never paint above your head on a day when the wind at times would gust to 50, lets say our driveway has blobs of white paint on it, could have been worse.
Then I came inside for a bit and made an open flag for the gallery, my idea was to make the flag from an old canvas coat ,painted it bright colors,both sides with open painted on it, I always strive to recycle or reuse as much as I can and have been when I think of it this way since before it became the thing to do. I guess you could say I am cheap? or , as I like to think of myself as creative ,knowing that if I can reuse something today and save money and Earth then I will be ahead in the long run,works for me.While I was doing this Chuck mowed the back forty...just a joke, but still way too much to mow, I either want to cover all the grass with flowers or shrubs or pave the back yard.
When the work was done we sat under our pergola and exercised with our drums. It is exercise for the mind and body. Here is a shot of our Mr. Ed enjoying a tune from Dad.
Our large boat piece was hung in the driveway ,my plan is to do more work on this piece in the coming days. I will be working on it outside of course so if you are in Town drop by.
I am waiting on someone to pick up a few consignment pieces for our local hospital gift shop.
Then I am thinking of maybe doing something for me...will see,how that goes.

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  1. I see you're all ready to roll for the summer. Love the boat piece ... how much Deb? Not like I can afford it ... but I love it. Chuck looks like he's enjoying life.