Friday, February 19, 2010

shipwreak continues

OK, I had a great Birthday yesterday doing what I Love and that is to paint, had a few friend's drop by, Bless you and Thanks.

In these pictures you can see the ship is coming along and here we have Chuck working on the standing rigging, me not knowing too much about such things, I am really good or use to be in a Kayak and I can paddle quite well but when it comes to sailing ships, I believe I am in the dark.

Today I hope to sketch in more detail and I would never be happy without a wet paint brush in my hands so we know I will be working some today in between a bit of running around.

We may drum a bit later today, very inspiring indeed I find.

Today is our son's 25th birthday. I remember 25 years ago ,me as big as a house and my friend Betty stuffing me into her little Mini Miner and driving to New Germany up and down back dirt roads looking for a second hand clothing store, well after being bounced around all day in that little tin can, I went into labor shortly after , Thanks Betty...LOL


  1. The ship is coming along just fabulously! Great detail and color. Pretty damn good for someone who was into the wine all day! LOL Glad you had a nice birthday.

  2. OMG has it really been 25 years since that fateful drive? I remember how you wanted to deliver on your birthday but the little bugger wouldn't some out in time! And remember the race for the "deluxe" maternity room lol????

  3. Oh "Spellflinger" I so remember..and when I got the deluxe room the bed was still warm from the previous Mom....