Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I would like for you to meet..."Fred and Ginger"

OK, when I lived in the country I had a problem with Mice, yes, right Michele? but I Love Mice ..they can be so cute in little cages... so because I think they are so cute , I introduce you now to who I have named Fred and Ginger, (you all over 30 get it.)
Remember that nervous energy I mentioned in a previous blog installment, well I was waiting for that "big project" I mentioned about ? So,Fred and Ginger might be the last of my bigger felted pieces for the next little while . I have been poking up a storm lately killing time ,in wait.

Any day now if all goes as planned , "the big project"will start ,then I promise to share with you as it progresses, stay tuned I expect to be on the edge of my seat and I hope if I have the time to try and keep you there as well.

This has been on my mind and in the works ,to say...for a while now, and I , being the "chatter box" called by those of you who say you Love me...kept it to myself mostly.

I with age have learned.... to keep my mouth shut till as they say... "The fat Lady sings." Well the stage looks like it is soon to be lite and I am excited with anticipation .This is a go and it is special ,not only for me, but something new and different for one of our Historical Maritime Towns. And I am thrilled to be included. The beauty and uniquenesss we have here in the Maritime's brings folk's back year after year and in many cases these people fall deeply in Love with our Maritime beauty and history and come back to stay with us and add their talents to an ever growing wonderful Maritime experience. This will end up being another one of those things which will bring people back.I will tease you and say right now, it is to do with art ...so come on back, follow me, let me know what you think and I will fill you in on more details in the near future.

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