Monday, February 22, 2010

panel 3 complete "shipwreak"

Good Morning, first thing I want to say, I noticed in my blogs the blog clock shows the time to be something like 4:45 AM or something like that !!!it is wrong, for instance the time right now is 7:10 AM. I will see to fixing that. I know I work hard and at my age if you get my drift ladies out there reading this, I at times toss and turn as I did last night, but I never rise at that hour , I make sure I stay in bed driving poor Chuck crazy, how you men sleep or go back to sleep after putting up with someone like me in the room ,let alone in the same for a "King size Bed" oh yes....

Bless him is all I can say. Tonight, I am promising myself to stay up until at least 9 PM so I will have a chance of sleeping, yes that late!!! of course my mind is busy these days as you can see. I am writing to tell you about the finished Panel 3 not to complain about tossing and turning.,so here goes she is done , the shipwreck finished .Remember I had 10 panels to do, 7 more to go. Yesterday ,Sunday was a very relaxed day for me, no company , no cooking, either of us. We have a little Sunday out of the home job we have been doing for a local company for almost 20 years now and we still hobble our tired old bodies there every Sunday morning ,yesterday bringing me home from there excited to bring my ship wreak to rest you might say. There was really only close up detail work and fish, then varnishing the piece. So late afternoon was mine to share with Chuck and do nothing, I hoped for a bit of mindless TV...BUT!!! sorry to all you sports fans out there..... Olympics!!!!! please I am a proud red blooded Canadian female who use to Curl ,Kayak, and cross Country ski..even snow wonder I can't walk today.... ...there is nothing else on TV these past days..and when an ole girl like me needs to relax and not fall asleep I need an easy mindless movie. Well we managed to make it till 8:15, way too early for me, as proof from what I mentioned above, so I may end up painting more in the evenings as well. I try not to, We worry I will burn myself out, but I don't think so, for painting is what I love to do, so ...Nah!!!!
We put the shipwreck aside with the other finished pieces before we went to bed and now panel 4 is on the pew/easel and I got a chance to do a light sketch ready for today. As well I had to redo the original last sketch on paper. I had to work out some things which had to be changed a bit because of the extra length. All worked out well and when it comes time to sketch it on the panel I then will know for sure.
So sleepy head Chuck just woke, all bright eyed and bushy tailed so I guess I didn't bother him too badly with my tossing all night...he just said"No you didn't" :-) "men" lucky devil's!!!!
I will leave you for today and will hopefully have a great day of painting.
Come on back and see whats next.


  1. Beautiful. Are you not always amazed by the depth the varnish brings? Makes a mundane job so rewarding. You know Deb, I sometimes don't start working until mid afternoon. Mornings more for computer catch-up, housework and meal planning. I often tend work late into the night ... the cut off point being when I just can't see anymore. Strange bunch we artists are.

  2. If it's any consolation, my snoring quite regularly interferes with Tom's rest..... some mornings I get up to find him crashed out on the sofa!