Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ships mast panel 4 begun

Another day and still in paint. Yesterday was a great day with the beginning of the ships mast.

It is blocked in and ready for detail today.

Not much to say about this panel ,you can see where all the work will be, right now it really looks like a Ghost Ship....that will change, keep posted.

Yesterday while painting, I had a feeling I was being watched,when I looked around there were all my needle felt dogs looking at me...I put them all up in the window, since I took over the Gallery for painting and kind of forgot about them. I like them there, talk about well behaved pets. Check out the above picture.

For Christmas I gave my friend a felted dog, her dog "Laura" who we puppy sit on a regular basis, Laura is like our adopted daughter, she is always here while her Mom flies all over the World on business. I call my felt pets "pocket pets" because you can simply put them in your pocket or suitcase and take them with you where ever you go ,not to worry about pee breaks or feeding but they are with you always. Well she does take her felted Laura with her when she flies. So sweet indeed. I do commissions of people's special pets , and yes I do cats as well as all animals.

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  1. Umm .... nice. Your shark spaces are cool. Can't wait to see them finished. You're moving right along on this .. you must have a deadline.