Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The house for sale next door to us..

I am waiting for paint to dry, and dare not sit in the same room with the Finished ship mast mural piece in case I keep adding to it and then will never get to varnish it, it is the kind of thing which could go on forever .... so I must as I say" step away from the mural"
So..I thought I would introduce you to the house next door to us which is for sale. No money comes my way if this House sells, but we are lovely neighbors and would like to see the house to sell to like wise. It is selling for $78,500 and is a sister house to our house and the house on the other side of us. All three built by shipbuilders. Our house use to have a veranda, I would so Love to still have it but no , not the case ,it was taken off way before we moved in. But this red house has the veranda still there as you can see ,also it has two out buildings, one a single story garage and the other being the wonderful two story shed where we have a summer guest room downstairs in ours , this out building is bigger then the one on our property but the same style...which is so cute.
This place would make someone a wonderful summer home or full time with a guest cottage out back ,sailboat stored in the garage in winter. And...we would be happy to watch over the ole place in the winter for anyone who wanted to buy it for a summer get away. I know , but we so want to see it sold rather then be turned into a rental. One other plus is that you have our side with a solid 6 foot privacy fence and the back and other side of the property has a white picket fence. It really is a nice property and house for the price and only minutes from white sand beaches ,golf course ,surfing, yacht club ,you name it and a Gallery next door :-) We are here full time and I swear it is a quiet street with no rentals around us .
In the one photo you can see our green house on the right ,in the other photo you can see the red out building / guest house , we call ours the "Bunk house"on the left and the garage to your right.
The property beside the red house is a vacant corner lot . When I was a child I remember there being a very large delicious looking garden there in that vacant lot.
The property is being sold by Rachel Dexter 354-8227
This may seem odd for me to be writing about this home, but you can see our fondness for the place. So go on in and have a look neighbor :-)


  1. Ohhhhh .... now that's tempting ... not sure I could downsize that much but I soooo love Liverpool. You think the town is big enough for us both. Would either of the outbuildings be suitable for insulating and turning into a year round wood working shop?

  2. YES!!!YES!!!!and YES!!! the garage and the other out building would be perfect and room for another building if you would is a good size,you and I would be great neighbors...and we would inspire each other...please consider it...the house is wonderful ..believe me..drop down soon and we will go through it......Please???? do it!!!do it!!! do it!!!!
    what fun and creativity we could share!!!