Thursday, February 25, 2010

panel 5 beginning Octopus

What a wonderful!!day....the weather outside is frightful!!!no kidding...actually I seldom complain about the cold but the wind today was fierce so I pretty well locked myself in my Gallery and worked on the Octopus panel 5.
Tomorrow I will add many more strokes, loving his colors but more is needed , not sure where I will go with it. Friday also will be a fishy day.
I wanted to share with you this evening rather then write in the AM. Chuck is at a meeting and I have been sitting and looking at today's work. So decided why not now instead.
Chuck took this shot of me below this AM when I was just getting started.

My thought is that the Octopus is hauling on the net angry that fish are caught in it , as he glares down at the diver finding the treasure he has been protecting all these many years.
Well this Octopus is tired and I believe there is something in the oven with my name on is fish...LOL ....
check back :-)


  1. I totally LOVE this fella! Can't wait to see the color done and varnished. He's awesome; tell ya what ... I wouldn't mess with him.

  2. Hey, Thanks Lynn...worked on,finished him tonight makeing color highlights etc.....look for him, new picture tomorrow AM...
    I am tired... Goodnight...