Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Panel 2 done

Here we go. The 2nd panel is done, well it needs to be was the plan for that, but we forgot to get the said varnish yesterday when the weather was so warm ,today you need warm hip waders because of all this darn !!!!! snow, oh well it is winter still and we do have a shovel :-( although I would prefer not to use it.
So hopefully today I will get to do what I planned on , starting panel 3, I may have to make some adjustments and change of plans.
I am trying not to move the panels too much and have worked it out in my Gallery so that each panel would be put up painted and last thing done varnished before being set aside and not be touched again until the day it leaves for it's new home but plans do change and in this case I may have to rethink today's work.
So for now I will leave you ,check back later today there will be some kind of update.

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  1. :-) That's my wolf eel, isn't it? :-)
    I love it! The switch plates rock.