Wednesday, February 24, 2010

another day in the masts...

Good morning...slept like a baby last night..yippee!!!woke bright eyed and busy tailed!!!!
ready for a good days painting. I should be able to complete panel 4 today.
As my Dear friend Lynn asked ,do I have a dead line on this project, well lets say the elevator should be there and being installed as I type, the good news is that the mural will be able to be mounted after the elevator is installed,which will take a few weeks. We were not sure about this in the beginning...but the pressure is off now. But the way I work ,I never leave things until the last minute anyway, just me , you never know what will come up so I like to be prepared and ready. I don't rush, but I focus and put in a normal workday everyday,even with interruptions, I get a lot done daily. I am lucky to have help with the everyday house falling down around you stuff, that would be my Chuck as well he has all the panels ready for me to sketch on by the time the finished one is complete and put aside. I have always worked like this, never leaving things until the last minute. I think I would rather relax on the finished end instead of sitting and doing something else and thinking about what needs to be done.
I am and always have been a work bee,ask my body,she will tell you .
Today My fish need detail and I want to do a lot more on the masts etc. I love old wood and I love to paint on it or paint it to look like such. Detail...detail...detail...
You know the old saying? "how do you eat an Elephant?" one bite at a time...and that is just what I am doing here.
Now if I had to work on this on site it would be a different matter, way slower indeed with travel, setting up ,cleaning up etc. right now my Gallery is "Mural room" all I have to do is clean brushes ,close paint and turn off the light. As soon as I hit the bottom step in the AM, I turn the lights on ,sit here at the computer with a cup of "Joe" and then off I go. Which is what I am about to do right now.
I hope all who are watching this grow with me are enjoying what they are seeing and I hope you will stay with me throughout the progression. If you get a chance ,let me know what you think. I would Love to hear from you . And remember if you would like to see the finished mural complete and mounted it will be in the Mariner King Inn Cranberry addition ,11 King Street Lunenburg, N.S.
So off I go for today.

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