Friday, February 12, 2010

mounting excitment!!!!! Mural news

Well, she soon will begin to get sketched and on her way to completion...the excitement is mounting and I am on pins and needles and you will see in one of the first photos, my glass of "Wine" Bless the grape Gods for their calming juice for every evening after a days painting of this large art project I will be sitting in my Gallery/ now studio taking in my days work and making plans for the following early morning with my "Juice of the God's" in hand.

When the board was delivered by the contractor we found out the Mural will be another 10 feet longer so today as well as getting ready to begin we need to rescale the sketch, should be no problem, I don't think I could do this large a piece with out the help of my Chuck..what is this retirement he speaks of..... I will put him to work in the next how many days...Thank God we work very well together. Otherwise ,if one day you see the one without the other, don't ask too many of us could possibly be tied up out back :-)

Oh I must add that Chuck had his bad knee injected this AM, so he will also be sitting with a bag of frozen peas on his knee at times today.
In the photos you will see the panels for the Mural, I am using my old Church Pew as an easel, and against the back wall are the panels which are numbered ,The contractor fit them all in place on location before bringing them here with pre drilled . So this is somewhat a giant zig saw puzzle . As I go along you will see the panels that have the port holes cut in them, this Mural is going to be on the outside wall of a glass windowed Elevator looking out to where the steps come up along beside the Elevator with a couple of my boat piece paintings on the wall coming up the stairs.
Well I think that will be it for today, still so much work to do before any paint gets on a brush.


  1. I think I'm almost as excited as you are Deb. And more relaxed, since I don't have this massive project ahead of me. This is awesome and I'm so pleased for you. I'm looking forward to following you here as I've promised myself I won't bug you with email every day while this is going on. I hope to get down your way soon to see this for myself, up close and personal! Have a great day and thanks for the blog.

  2. Hello there Girlfriend..thank you so me alot..I will need breaks..
    I so look forward to when you get has been way too long and we will have so many laughs...
    While hubby is away I know you will be poking up a someone may take that the wrong way...LOL ...Love ya!!!